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Movie review: Found Footage 3D

Anyone who knows me or listens to the show on a regular basis knows that found footage and 3D are two horror movie tropes that have worn out their welcome in my mind. So...

The Ice Cream Truck 0

Movie review: The Ice Cream Truck

What is it about the suburbs? That one line sums up the entire tone of The Ice Cream Truck. Mary (Deanna Russo) has just moved back to surburbia, USA from Seattle (woot!). Her husband and kids...


2-for-1 Bad Cookie Combo

Ariel Hansen and her Bad Cookie crew are back at it, and this time they need your help to make not just one, but two new short films

Ariel Hansen in Ready to Burst 0

Short film review: Ready to Burst

Ah, the miracle of childbirth. That glorious time when a woman begins to gestate life. Her skin glows, she radiates energy, and nothing could be more beautiful. That is, of course, unless you’re the unfortunate...