Category: Drunken Cinema

One part trivia, one part riff track, one part whiskey, blended and served on the rocks. Drunken Cinema is an inebriated audio commentary on your favorite, okay on our favorite horror movies. Drink and watch along with us. Cheers!


Drunken Cinema, Vol. 13: Event Horizon

It’s been far too long, but we’re back with a brand new edition of Drunken Cinema. Every good franchise eventually heads to outer space and Drunken Cinema is no different. Today we’re watching the...


Drunken Cinema, Vol. 11: Ghostbusters

Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria! Drunken Cinema! The boys are back and ready to do some damage. Tonight, we’re watching the 1984 classic that spawned the most controversial reboot ever. That’s right,...


Drunken Cinema LIVE!

Last night, in the small town of Enumclaw, WA, the birthplace of Taylor of Terror, The Grave Plot Podcast took the stage at the Chalet Theatre. For the first time ever, Taylor and SkeleTony...


Drunken Cinema, Vol. 5: Club Dread

We’ve made a huge mistake. For the first (and last) time ever, we decided to do a Drunken Cinema double-header. Here’s how I remember it going down; we had just finished our Evil Dead...