About us

About the Grave Plot Podcast

The Grave Plot Podcast is a fortnightly horror podcast in three parts; HORROR BUSINESS is our news section. We discuss the top five stories in horror, covering everything from movies to television to comics to video games. We often have INTERVIEWS with people from all over the world of horror. Filmmakers, actors, or clothing company founders, we talk to them all. Finally, we have our REVIEWS. Every episode we discuss two movies and assign them a ranking on a scale of 1 to 10.

About SkeleTony


Of the duo, Tony is the bigger gore fan and nothing gets his horror motor running like a good, bloody slashfest. He has an almost disturbing obsession with the Friday the 13th series and considers it more holy than the Bible. Tony is also The Grave Plot’s resident special FX and makeup expert with a sometimes harsh, but fair, opinion on the subject. He weeps for the dying art of practical effects and loathes CGI. Tony also LOVES a good vampire or werewolf movie. While Tony considers himself to be very opinionated, Taylor just considers him an asshole.

About Taylor of Terror


Taylor is the more psychological of the two. He prefers a good story that digs deep into your psyche and keeps you up at night as opposed to just endless blood and guts (not that he’s against a good deal of gore). He is very concerned with tension in movies and loves a thriller that can keep your heart pounding. He also loves zombies (Dawn of the Dead was the first film that really piqued his interest in horror) but is a total purist when it comes to them. He has a firm belief in a specific mythology and refuses to waver from it. He also loves slashers and possession films and really anything that can keep him on the edge of his seat.