2-for-1 Bad Cookie Combo

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Bad Cookie Pictures, the studio behind the short films Ready to Burst and The Man in the Bunny Mask are looking to make more Cookies, but this time they aren’t setting their sights so singularly.

Filmmakers Ariel Hansen and Christopher Graham are looking to make a Bad Cookie double feature. The “Bad Cookie Combo” features¬†Nepenthes (written/directed by Hansen) and The Devil and I (written/directed by Graham). They are currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo and your pledge goes towards BOTH movies. Some of the perks include a social media shout out, Bad Cookie swag, an invitation to the premiere, and more. Don’t be fooled by the titles, though, there is no bag of Twizzlers perk. If all of this isn’t exciting enough,¬†The Devil and I will also feature Luchagore’s Luke Bramley behind the camera.

Bad Cookie Pictures is an independent studio out of Vancouver, BC that is producing some quality horror content and I encourage everyone to help them out. If you can’t help financially, just share! Support indie horror. Check out the Indiegogo page below and visit Bad Cookie Pictures on Facebook or Twitter.

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