Mixtape Massacre adds to the mayhem with Black Masque expansion

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The Black Masque expansion update is now live! Check it out and make your pledge by going to Kickstarter. Original story continues below the video.

You may remember back in episode 34, we interviewed a gentleman by the name of Freddie Carlini. Freddie is one of the creators of a board game called Mixtape Massacre, which features horror villains looking to be the best killer the town of Tall Oaks has ever seen. The game has been a smash hit (or should I say… “slash hit?”) and is currently sold out (don’t worry, restocks are coming next month). In fact, it’s become such a hit that Freddie and his pals at Bright Light Media are already working on a new expansion pack.The Mixtape Massacre "Black Masque" expansion

The expansion (which, in typical Mixtape Massacre fashion, is designed to resemble a VHS box) is called “Black Masque,” and it’s a doozy. In addition to adding more “Killer Scenes, Dude” and “Bonus Tracks” cards, it also adds new elements like “action dice” and “A-Bit of an Event” cards. “We didn’t just want to do an expansion with more cards, we wanted to add to the game,” Carlini said.

On top of all that, it adds DEATH ITSELF to the game. That’s right, the Grim Reaper has come to Tall Oaks and is looking to kill the killers. According to the game’s website;

A year ago, the Town of Tall Oaks was the site of one of the bloodiest crime scenes in recorded history. Headlines dubbed it, The Black Masque, for the dark nature of the murders and the rumor of costumed assailants. Little did they know how appropriate that name would become.

The body count was so high that it served as an invitation for Death itself.

Not to be outdone by freaks in masks, Death has arrived at the borders of Tall Oaks. And it’s come to show the town, victim or victimizer…


Freddie described the “Death Card” to me as “our answer to people wanting an antagonist for the Slashers. So for us, the logical choice of an antagonist would be Death, since he/she would probably be the most pissed off that someone is doing their job… a lot.”

So what does the Death Card do? “There will be four unique Death Cards,” Carlini explained. “When a Death card is drawn, the player must roll the action dice reflecting the icons presented on the card in white. Sometimes, the card also requires you sacrificing a Souvenir.” For those who haven’t played the game, a souvenir is a token you get from killing. They can be eyeballs, bones, feet, etc. Collect ten souvenirs to win the game. “If a souvenir is required and you do not have one, you can only beat the card by rolling Triple Pentagrams, as they cancel all Death Cards, no matter what combination is presented.

The Death Card“If you fail, remove the health noted on the card from your player station. Then fill those slots in with Death Marks (black pegs).” The pegs are your life. As you play through the game, you can lose and restock them. The black pegs represent a dead part of you that can not be restocked. “The Death Card is now considered Active.

“When activated, the card is placed over the current location. As Death Cards become active, players must visit the locations and defeat them for the game to progress. The board can not be restocked with Active Death Cards. If all four Death Cards are active, the Game is Over.”

You read that right, the Death Card can literally wipe out the entire game.

I own Mixtape Massacre and I can tell you that it’s an extremely fun game and not just for horror lovers. I’ve been surprised at the overwhelming reaction I’ve got from everyone who I’ve introduced it to. Even my mom loved it! I’m very excited about the Black Masque and I have to give credit to the Bright Light crew for not just resting on their laurels and actually putting in the time and effort to truly expand the game instead of just adding new characters or new cards. They’ve gone and created a new game, within the game.

The Black Masque will be on Kickstarter beginning June 21, 2017. For more info, check out mixtapemassacre.com.

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