The Grave Plot Podcast at Crypticon Seattle 2017

This May, for the fourth year in a row, SkeleTony and Taylor of Terror will be invading the largest gathering of the macabre in the Pacific Northwest, Crypticon Seattle! We’ll be roaming the halls, checking out all the sights, sounds, and smells of the convention all three days and handing out free buttons. We’ll also be attending a host of panels. Here is our schedule:

  • Saturday

    • Is horror relevant beyond the genre?
      • There’s no doubt that horror influences society and vice-versa. But how relevant is horror to modern culture? Does it have something to teach us, or is it simply an outlet for our fears and bloodlust?
      • Time: 4 pm
      • Place: Cascade 3 & 4
    • PG-13 horror: Watering down the genre?
      • PG-13 horror is here to stay, for the very simple reason that major studios want tweens’ money. Is it watering down the genre? Is some of it actually good? Is it possible to tell a terrifying story without hitting an “R” rating?
      • Time: 7 pm
      • Place: Cascade 3 & 4
    • Who would win?
      • Michael Myers vs. Jason Voorhees? Cenobites vs Deadites? Chucky vs The Leprechaun? Candyman vs. Peloquin? Scooby Doo vs. Zoltan: Hound of Dracula? Let’s come up with ideal horror cage matches and how they’d end up. 3…2…1…FIGHT!
      • Time: 8 pm
      • Place: Cascade 7
    • Casket List
      • What horror actor or character would you have sex with? Would you survive the encounter? Does it matter?
      • Time: 9 pm
      • Place: Cascade 5 & 6
  • Sunday

    • Northwest superstars of podcasting mixer
      • Meet some of the Northwest’s best podcasters, hear their stories, and find out how you can start your own podcast!
      • Time: 1 pm
      • Place: Evergreen 3 & 4

We hope to see as many of you there as possible! Feel free to come say hi and get yourself a free button. For more info and to purchase tickets, go to

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