Author: The Grave Plot Podcast


Episode 142 – It Chapter Two/Gags the Clown

This episode is no laughing matter as we’re headed under the big top for another tribute to creepy clowns. Before we get out the grease paint, though, let’s talk about some Horror Business. In...


Episode 141 – Friday the 13th Part 2/Madman

Before summer ends, we’re going to head to camp. We’re saluting the classic summer camp slasher film in our brand new episode. Today we discuss the first appearance of Jason Voorhees as a hulking serial...


The Grave Plot escapes the Evil Dead 2 cabin

Somehow, through forces beyond our comprehension, the infamous Knowby cabin was teleported inside a building in Seattle. Or so the story goes at Hourglass Escapes, which recently opened the original, official Evil Dead 2...