Episode 131 – Pet Sematary (2019)/Misery

Sometimes dead is better. You have to wonder if a film adaptation of Pet Sematary was best left alone, or if it could benefit from a fresh take. Well, wonder no longer because we are here to talk about the brand new adaptation of Stephen King’s famous novel. Speaking of the great Mr. King, we also discuss another one of his most famous adaptations, 1990’s Misery.

Before all that, though, we must discuss some Horror Business. In Real World Horror, we talk about the strange things afoot at the Market Basket in Wilmington, Mass. Is the frozen food aisle some kind of gateway to the other side? Listen and find out.

We also talk about the probably-unnecessary remake of The Craft coming from Blumhouse, an update on who’s playing the new Candyman in the new Candyman, and a new documentary about Sleepaway Camp. We’ve also got news on a fresh chapter in the Pan’s Labyrinth story, plus details on what the future holds for the aforementioned Pet Sematary.

You can also find out where we’ll be at this year’s Crypticon Seattle, hear us talk about WrestleMania, and endure more of our unique brand of irreverence found only on The Grave Plot Podcast.

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