Episode 130 – Us/Bonehill Road

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Taylor of Terror

I can’t believe I forgot to talk about the sound design for “Us.” It was absolutely incredible.

Todd Sheets

Thanks for the review guys! Appreciate your time. Our actual production budget was $13,000. The rest was raised after the fact and we used it for promotion and to fulfill the IndieGoGo perks and such. Plus, IndieGoGo took a HUGE chunk of our funds. Just wanted to take a second to address a couple of things. First, there is a Castle Rock KANSAS. It was an homage to Stephen King of course and Cabot’s Cove is an homage to H.P. Lovecraft. The Suzie name was an homage to my friend Kevin Tenney’s brilliant Night of the Demons. The werewolves do… Read more »

Taylor of Terror

Hey Todd. Thanks for taking the time for such a thorough reply (and for having an overall positive attitude about the review)! I definitely understand not wanting to make the same cookie-cutter werewolf movie that we’ve all seen a hundred times already. I also totally understand trying to find a balance that will please people without ruining your vision. Like you said, you can’t please everyone. I unfortunately didn’t know there was a post-credits scene. :\ We do tend to be overly critical – and hyperbolic – of movies sometimes. We know we aren’t professional critics but feel like we… Read more »