Episode 80 – Get Out/A Cure For Wellness w/ Carlos Rodela

Hello again, friends. We’ve returned and we’ve brought Carlos Muertos back from the dead. Carlos, also known by his “real” name Carlos Rodela, makes his fourth appearance on the show to help us discuss the films A Cure For Wellness and Jordan Peele’s horror debut Get Out. Things get a little deep as we discuss race in America and horror’s impact on society and vice versa.

We also have Horror Business for you, including real (?) Sasquatch prints found in central Washington, the seventh season of American Horror Story, and a board game based on The Thing. We also discuss the new show from J.J. Abrams and Stephen King, and the latest installment in the Tremors franchise.

So pop us in your ear holes and let’s get down to business.

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Kevin Nesgoda

The area where they found the squatch tracks just up the hill is Burch Mountain, I hike up there quite a bit. Last year an 8′ squatch chased two hikers from the top of the mountain.

Kevin Nesgoda

In 1992 a prospector found the body of a squatch in Tronsen Meadow, the forest department came in and closed the campground. It hasn’t been open up since they found the body.

Taylor of Terror

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