Episode 77 – Blood Brothers/Underworld: Blood Wars

Good morrrrrrning, Neverland!

After going off about the Seattle Seahawks, Donald Trump, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, we finally get down to business. Horror Business, that is. We have a Real World Horror story about an Aussie axe attack, plus updates on new installments of the Child’s PlayThe Purge, and Jeepers Creepers franchises. And is another Behind the Mask movie on its way? Listen and find out, and also find out who will be directing the big budget Slenderman movie.

Our reviews get bloody, as we review the true story of the Blood Brothers, plus the latest battle in the war between vampires and lycans, Underworld: Blood Wars. So grab some towels and check it out now.

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Taylor of Terror

Me, walking into 7-11 and seeing someone with an axe:

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Awesome Podcast guys! However, just because Underworld is one of my favorite movies of all time!!!! When the scientist werewolf’s blood dripped into Marcus’s slumber chamber and awakened him. It did not turn him into a hybrid. Michael is the only hybrid in history. It just provided Marcus with every memory of the Werewolf and what had gone one during the time Marcus had been sleeping. It is the gift of the vampires when they drink the blood of another they gain all memories from that individual. BUT again amazing podcast loved it.


You’ll have to excuse my alternative facts. 🙂

Glad you’re enjoying the show! Thanks!