Octoberama 2014, Vol 1: Stake Land/Fright Night

Welcome to the first ever Octoberama, presented by the Grave Plot Podcast. What is Octoberama, you may be asking? It’s a new episode every week in October. With special minisodes interspersed between full episodes, each week having a special theme. Today’s theme is vampires.

In celebration of the fanged creatures, we review Stake Land and the original Fright Night from 1985. We discuss vampire lore and how it has changed throughout the years. We even dive a little bit into the Fright Night remake.

Before we get to that, though, we must attend to Horror Business. We start out with a couple of stories about remakes, including the Americanization of the South Korean revenge flick I Saw The Devil as well as the remake of the 90s teen scream slasher flick I Know What You Did Last Summer. In the “TV is the new remake” portion of our show, we discuss the possibility of Saw coming to the small screen.

We then go on to discuss the new name for Paranormal Activity 5, which is The Ghost Dimension, for some reason. We go into the plot of the movie as well as the new due date, which is the old due date for Scouts vs. Zombies, which took it from Friday the 13th. It’s a whole game of musical release dates. Speaking of release dates, we tell you about a pair of movies that have been completely pulled from release.

We then discuss the upcoming sequel to the ORIGINAL I Spit On Your Grave from 1978. We then give you some more updates on both the next Friday the 13th movie, as well as the television show of the same name. Speaking of television, the Syfy network has a new movie coming out in the same vein as Sharknado. Finally, we introduce you to the newest members of GWAR.

So enjoy the week of the vampire and the kickoff to Octoberama, the biggest month in Grave Plot Podcast history!

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