Episode 75, part 1 – Christmas Horror Business/Secret Santa

Ho ho holy shit! Dem Grave Plot boyz be back with a brand new episode for dat ass! This year, all of our Christmas cheer couldn’t be contained in just one episode, so dig in to part one now.

Wake up to a nice warm cup of Horror Business, including a Real World Horror story about a game show that sounds more like The Purge than The Price is Right. We also discuss the latest Stephen King adaptation, a film adaptation of the BBC One show Jekyll, a book based on Freddy vs. Jason, a remake of Little Shop of Horrors, and Mike Flanagan’s next project.

We also reveal the winner of our Krampus contest and review the crowdfunded indie slasher Secret Santa, from former guest Mikey McMurran. Taylor donated to the cause, was it worth his money? Find out now, and listen for part two this Friday.

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Kevin Nesgoda

If it wasn’t for one of your Patreon Patrons 7th great grandfathers there would be no Salem show to cancel. 😉

Taylor of Terror