Octoberama 2016, Vol. 4: WNUF Halloween Special/The Pumpkin Karver

Happy, happy Halloween! We close out 2016’s Octoberama with our fourth annual Halloween special.

To kick things off, we announce the winner of our free t-shirt raffle and tell ghost stories from our experiences at the Stanley Hotel and Queen Mary. We also do a little bitch-and-moan session about Friday the 13th and Godzilla.

Then we jump into Horror Business, where we tell a Real World Horror story from Sacramento about a lady taking her skull for a walk. We give you updates on The Walking DeadGerald’s Game, and The Wolf Man, plus a new MTV show and the latest on the Friday the 13th video game.

For our reviews, we offer up two Halloween films. First, we discuss The Pumpkin Karver, about a town called Carver and a guy who is a carver and he carves stuff and carving and Dana Carvey and… sorry, I blacked out. Then we bust out the VCR so we can watch the VHS tape of the WNUF Halloween Special.

So throw a sheet over your head, grab a plastic pumpkin bucket, and let’s go trick-or-treating.

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Kevin Nesgoda

The priest looks like Jim Cornette.