The Grave Plot Podcast travels Beyond the Void

Beyond the Void

We’ve had serious beef with Alex and Patrick from the Beyond the Void podcast ever since they stole our name for a segment of their show. So what better way to squash that beef than to invade that very segment?

We joined BTV to pitch a fictional movie called The Cosmic Monster, and here’s what it’s about:

Science intern Marvin is in for one long night. He works for a local MEGA Science Lab and for some reason he can’t shake his old buddy Skeeter. When his buddy brings the party to the lab, they accidentally open a portal above Earth, unleashing a gigantic “COSMIC MONSTER” on the loose. That’s not all their problems though. The monster drops pods filled with jellyfish-like mutating creatures that can change any matter into a monster. Will they be able to stop the terrifying monster from destroying the world? Or will they drink ’til it ends? Find out in “The Cosmic Monster.”

Listen to the full episode below, and check out more Beyond the Void at their website,

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