Has The Walking Dead gone too far? *Spoiler Free*

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Taylor of Terror

As the gallery shows, the gore and brutality is not uncommon for the show. It’s also not uncommon for the show to kill off likable characters. It’s always had a motto of “no one is safe.” I think most people are just upset that a season one character who they really liked is gone and their ire actually has nothing to do with the episode itself. Negan represents the loss of humanity in a hopeless world. People deal with things like the end of the world in different ways and Negan has decided his way is to look out for… Read more »

Taylor of Terror

I always like to hold up “The Wrestler” as an example in instances like this. It is the most depressing movie I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s literally just a downpour of shit that never lets up. And it won 56 awards (and was nominated for 83 more!).