Real World Horror: Ghost poop

A woman has found herself being haunted by a spooky looking figure and was able to capture it on video.

This isn’t some supernatural phenomenon, though. The video, which comes from an unnamed location by a woman who simply goes by “Ms. Yang,” shows a masked (believed to be) man approaching Yang’s door dressed like Sadako from Ringu or something out of The Grudge. He wears a white mask with long, stringy hair, and a white robe.

According to the Mirror, Yang says the issue started at the beginning of the year, when she found a note on her door accusing her of breaking up someone’s family. She thought nothing of it, as she felt the note was not meant for her and was a simple case of mistaken identity. However, things didn’t end there. Over the course of the past seven months, Yang has continually come home to find her front door vandalized, covered in urine and feces. That’s right, this ghost rubs poop and pee everywhere.

In the video, you can see the ghoul taking out a sandwich bag filled with a ready-made chunk of the world’s worst fudge and painting Yang’s door a deeper shade of brown. He even wears plastic bags on his shoes and in one instance brings an umbrella to protect himself from splash back.

When the security cameras in Yang’s building failed to capture the poopetrator, she installed some of her own. That’s how she captured the video shown. She has since turned the footage over to the police after the masked man vandalized the camera late last month. Whether he tried to destroy it or just rubbed poop on it was not reported.

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