Hello friends. We have a special announcement. Throughout the past 2 1/2 years, our news section – now known as Horror Business – has continually grown over time. What started out as us just chatting about a couple topics we thought were interesting has developed into us trying to bring you all the latest from the entire genre. This has caused episode lengths to balloon.

So, in an effort to make our episodes more concise, we are going back to basics. We know that, only recording every two weeks, we’re never going to break a major story on-air. Given that we record on Saturday and the episode doesn’t come out until Wednesday, we’d have to learn of a story a whole four days in advance and the chances of that are jack and shit, and Jack left town. So starting in episode 61, Horror Business will consist of one “Real World Horror” story and the top five stories from within the horror genre. Remains will be eliminated. Our hope is that this will lead to more conversation and better flowing episodes.

We will also be placing Plot Holes on indefinite hiatus. It’s become too laboring to do and has grown stale in our opinion. If there is fan demand for its return, it shall do so.

Thanks for listening as our show continues to grow and evolve. We hope you continue to enjoy the show.

SkeleTony and Taylor of Terror

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