Introducing The Grave Plot Podcast 2.0

TECHNOLOGY! It’s everywhere, it consumes our day-to-day lives, and podcasts are a big part of that. However, technology can’t do everything. I mean, it’s not like you can walk around with a computer all day! There’s got to be a better way! Well now there is. Today why we’re introducing The Grave Plot Podcast 2.0.

The Grave Plot Podcast 2.0, or GPP2.0, is the latest groundbreaking development in audio. If you sign up, we will use cutting edge technology to convert our episodes to a much more portable format. Here’s a look:

The strange looking device on the left is called a “cassette tape,” also known as simply a “cassette” or “tape.” I won’t bore you with all of the scientific mumbo jumbo about how it works, but I will tell you that it can store up to thirty minutes of high quality audio per side. That’s a full hour per cassette! As soon as you sign up for GPP2.0, you will begin getting one convenient three-cassette pack sent to your home every two weeks.

Then all you need is a portable cassette player, such as this reasonably priced Sony Walkman, and you can listen to them wherever you go! It’s that easy!

Never be without The Grave Plot Podcast again! No more worrying about losing your podcasts due to computer viruses or iCloud hacks. Physical media is the way of the future! Sign up today!

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