Octoberama 2014, Vol. 3: Skin Walkers/Dog Soldiers

Welcome once again to Octoberama! For week three of this big event, we present you with the week of the werewolf.

As such, we present you with two werewolf movies, namely Skinwalkers and Dog Soldiers. While vastly different, the two movies are also very similar in that they both feature lycanthropic monsters. We give our take on both and give them a rating.

Before we can get to that, however, we have to take care of Horror Business. We start off with some real world horror, including a true-to-life Hannibal Lectar as well as the discovery of Draula’s dungeon. We then move on to the world of fiction, but stick with Dracula as we discuss how Dracula Untold is going to be the springboard for a whole new Universal Monsters world. We close out the vampire section with a discussion about a remake of I Am Legend.

We then move to discuss zombies, including The Walking Dead, the new Uwe Boll picture Anger of the Dead, the sequel to Zombieland, and updates on the movie adaptation of Dead Rising. We then discuss the future for the Soska twins, as well as the iOS game The Drowning. We move on to the return of the Twin Peaks, as well as updates on Amityville: The Awakening, The Purge becoming a trilogy, The Green Inferno, and Cannibal Holocaust. We close out with a ton of updates about the new Ghostbusters movie.

So enjoy the new episode, and pray there’s not a full moon. Aoooooooo!

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