Remake Madness – the Sinister 16

One round down in our Remake Madness tournament to determine the best horror remake. We are now into the second round, also known as the “Sinister 16.”

There were a few upsets in the first round, with two six seeds advancing over their third-seeded rivals; The Amityville Horror beat out Carrie and Thir13en Ghosts defeated Fright Night. Psycho won the highly anticipated Vince Vaughn vs. Nicholas Cage matchup, besting The Wicker Man. Some of the more intriguing matchups to watch this round are Evil Dead taking on Dawn of the Dead and Jason Voorhess matching up with Michael Myers as Friday the 13th faces off against Halloween.

Help us determine the winner by voting below. The overall winner will get a prize that will be announced at a later date.

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