Remake Madness – the Evil 8

Round 2 is over and 8 more movies have been slashed away. We are now on the conference finals, also known as the Evil 8.

The Sinister 16 saw several upsets, including our first number one seed going down. Gus Van Sant’s Psycho overtook the Elijah Wood version of Maniac. Vince Vaughn’s portrayal of Norman Bates has been mostly panned, yet here it is in the third round.

Cinderella Psycho will now take on The Crazies, the only George Romero adaptation left after Night of the Living Dead was defeated by Thir13en Ghosts and Dawn of the Dead was upended by a late night rally from Evil Dead.

So once again it’s up to you to vote for your favorite so it can win its conference and advance to the Frightening 4.

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