The Grave Plot Podcast at Crypticon Seattle 2019

Once again, the boys from The Grave Plot will be stalking the halls of the Doubletree Hotel in Seatac, WA for the annual meeting of the macabre known as Crypticon Seattle!

This year’s event features guest appearances by names such as the iconic Dee Wallace, “Twin Peaks'” Ray Wise and Sheryl Lee, and Jason Voorhees from Tony’s favorite Friday the 13th, CJ Graham, among many more!

As we have for the past few years, we will be participating in a handful of panels throughout the weekend. We will even be doing an interview with Graham along with Land of the Dead‘s “Big Daddy,” Eugene Clark and Art the Clown himself, David Howard Thornton! Here is where you will be able to find us:

  • Friday, May 3
    • 6-7 pm
      • Allyship in Horror: Building Friendships
        • Welcome to Crypticon Seattle 2019. Do you want to build new friendships? Geek out about horror? Feel more a part of the horror community? Let’s hang out and talk about what we have planned for the weekend. Everyone is welcome.
    • 8-9 pm
      • In Defense of Bad Movies
        • Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to what exactly makes a bad movie. Join MST3K: The Return’s Jonah Ray as he and other panelists berate the moderator over the movies he loves and hates.
  • Saturday, May 4
    • 1-2 pm
      • The Legacy of Friday the 13th
        • From Friday the 13th(1980) to Friday the 13th(2009). From the TV series that had nothing to do with our favorite masked killer to the novelizations and comics that further the mythos of the Voorhees family. Come geek out with us over what may be the most prolific horror franchise of all time.
    • 5-8 pm
      • Make Your Own Jason Mask Class
        • In honor of this year’s guest, CJ Graham (Jason in Friday the 13th Pt. VI), participants will have the opportunity to customize their own film-quality hockey masks (not flimsy Halloween store junk) and add to or start their Jason memorabilia collection, maybe even have it autographed by the man himself.
  • Sunday, May 5
    • 12-1 pm
      • Podcasting Workshop
        • Ever wanted to start your own podcast? Come learn about what you need to know from the pros. Topics such as software, hardware, editing, publishing, and every aspect of production will be discussed.
    • 1-2 pm
      • Interview: Modern Monsters w/ CJ Graham, Eugene Clark, and David Howard Thornton
        • Join The Grave Plot Podcast as they discuss what it takes to play a monster with C.J. Graham (Friday the 13th Part XIHighway to Hell), Eugene Clark (Land of the Dead), and David Howard Thornton (Terrifier).
    • 2-3 pm
      • Is it Horror?
        • Almost every one of us has their own definition of what horror is based on personal fears and experience, which is part of what makes horror films so enjoyable! But how do we, as fans, define the genre? Let’s discuss the label of horror, what defines something as such, and dip into the many sub-genres attached to it.

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