Help expand the legend of the Blair Witch!

In 1999, The Blair Witch Project defined the “found footage” horror sub genre. Directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez set out in the woods with three unknown actors for eight days and created a film that was lauded for not only its genius marketing strategy, but for being so authentic and raw that it couldn’t be anything but real.

Today, we of course all know better. But, The Blair Witch Project is still considered by many as the gold standard of found footage. It is semi-common knowledge to the horror community that 19 hours of unused footage is floating out there in the ether (or on a hard drive in Sánchez’s house) just waiting to be used, and Blair Witch fans everywhere have been chomping at the bit for almost 20 years to see an extended director’s cut of the film.

Recently on an episode of‘s the Found Footage Files Podcast, Sánchez was asked what the fans could do to make this happen.

“I know that you guys put some links up and I don’t know if anyone started a petition. For me, it’s something I’d love to do. I don’t know if Lionsgate would ever let me do it. You could start a petition and obviously if I can get enough interest from the people out there, the fans, I can bring it to Lionsgate’s attention,”  was his response.

The folks over at Found Footage Critic took that idea and ran with it, setting up an official fan petition to persuade Lionsgate to let Sánchez work his magic and create his much sought-after extended cut.

Head over to Found Footage Critic and SIGN THE PETITION and find out how to boost the hype. If there’s enough fan interest, there’s no way that Lionsgate can ignore us!

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