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Grim Dawn

Editor’s note: Due to a technical issue, Gaming With Grave Plot will not feature a video this month. However, check out Max’s write-up for the game Grim Dawn below.

Grim Dawn is an action-role playing game developed published by Crate Entertainment. Crate Entertainment is made up of previous Iron Lore Entertainment members, who created the critically acclaimed Titan Quest.

Much like other Diablo-esque titles, Grim Dawn utilizes a massive loot system which allows for full customization of character creation and game play. The normal ‘loot table’ exists, with white/gray being common items, going all the way to purple (legendary). These items will give different stats that will assist the player in defeating foes in Cairn; the utterly ravaged setting of Grim Dawn where a war between the Aetherials and the Chthonians is taking place.

Alongside all of the swords, helmets, axes, and gloves you will find on your journey, you will also be able to select a few classes to customize your playstyle. As you go through the game, you’ll be able to dual-class and fine-tune your ability points to conform to your whims. You could be a Soldier Arcanist, or a Demon Hunter Shaman, or even an Occultist Witch Doctor. In the base game there are 8 different classes, all coming with different abilities to use to vanquish your enemies and set Cairn straight. While having a badass class system is cool and all, you’ll also be able to look into the stars for “Devotions,” a way to buff your character in passive ways that align with different constellations in the game.

Whether you want to craft a wonderful arsenal of debuffs to your enemies or give your pets a little extra ‘umphf,’ the Devotion system will allow you to further construct the game to bend at your will. As with other open-world games, Grim Dawn also has a crafting system which will allow you to create weapons and armor to defend against the the throngs of skeletons, zombies, spiders, and more that you’ll have to contend with in your journey through the war in Cairn.

Grim Dawn is an incredible experience. With just over 15 hours in the game (2 separate characters), I feel that I’m nowhere near the end of the game. A luckily for me there are a few pieces of DLC and expansions to play through, with the latest, Ashes of Malmouth, releasing recently in October 2017. If you’re hankering for a hack & slash that delivers on lore, abilities, and tight game play, Grim Dawn is a steal at the price – even without a sale.

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