My name is judge

We’re happy to announce the select few who will decide which films take home trophies from the first ever Grave Plot Film Festival!

Our first judge is someone we know quite well as he is the writer and director of the upcoming horror film They Reach, which Taylor of Terror and SkeleTony both acted in. It’s Sylas Dall!

Also acting as a judge is author Ronnie Angel. Ronnie wrote the book on slasher films… literally! He is the author of the research novels “Slashed Dreams: The Ultimate Guide to Slasher Movies” and its sequel “Slashed Dreams Part 2: The Nightmare Continues!”

Finally, we enlisted the services of the three co-founders of Luchagore Productions; writer/director Gigi Saul Guerrero, producer Raynor Shima, and cinematographer Luke Bramley!

These five will take the films chosen by the Selection Committee and choose which ones are worthy of being named Best Film, Best Direction, and Most Original.

There will also be awards for the Selection Committee’s favorite and Audience Favorite. Keep an eye on for more info.

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