About the Grave Plot Film Fest

The Grave Plot Film Fest comes courtesy of The Grave Plot Podcast, a show dedicated to the horror genre. Started in 2013 by friends SkeleTony and Taylor of Terror, The Grave Plot Podcast has posted episodes every other week covering the latest and greatest (and not-so-greatest) horror movies out there. They’ve also had special guests on the show including filmmakers like Jessica Cameron, Ben Rock, and members of Luchagore Productions. They’ve appeared at Crypticon Seattle, the largest horror convention in the northwest, for the last three years.

They started the Grave Plot Film Fest in 2019 to showcase some of the weirdest, wildest, and wackiest short horror films out there. They wanted to shine a light on the independent filmmakers who are working their butts off to tell frightening, thought provoking, or just bizarre stories. The hope is to help create the next generation of horror, promoting those with a genuine love for the genre and a keen eye for film.