Another successful Grave Plot Film Fest in the ground

Another year passes and the sun sets on another Grave Plot Film Fest. Thank you to everyone who came out and helped us make the event a success.

The films played to great fanfare, and we were able to fill even more seats than we did last year. Congratulations to our winners:

We want to thank everyone who came out to the theater, everyone who submitted a film, and everyone who helped out with the festival in any way. Thank you to Max and Avalon Zaleski and Jason Connelly for all their help day-of. Thank you to our Indiegogo backers for your contributions. Thank you to Without A Cause and Hourglass Escapes for sponsoring. Thank you to Ark Lodge Cinemas for hosting.

Is this the end? Or like any good killer, will we just refuse to stay dead?

Stay tuned.

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