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Episode 133 – Crypticon Seattle 2019

We have, once again, returned from the haunted halls of Crypticon Seattle. This year’s event was crawling with creatures of all sizes, from pint-sized Predators to a life-sized velociraptor. For us specifically, the weekend...


Episode 130 – Us/Bonehill Road

We tackle Jordan Peele’s much anticipated follow up with the super tense thriller “Us” as well as the practical werewolf film “Bonehill Road.”


Episode 127 – X-Ray/Lovers Lane

Happy Valentine’s Day! Forget the flowers and the fancy dinners, give your loved one our reviews of “Lovers Lane” and “X-Ray” (aka “Hospital Massacre”)

all the creatures were stirring slay belles 3

Episode 123 – All the Creatures Were Stirring/Slay Belles

Well deck my halls! It’s Christmas time again, which means it’s time for the annual Grave Plot Podcast Christmas episode! Today’s holly jolly show features reviews of the anthology film “All the Creatures Were Stirring” as well as the Claus vs. Krampus adventure flick known as “Slay Belles.”